Dear Florida Citizen/Voter,

Believing that the informed voter is the answer to assuring that our elected representatives act in accord with the will of the people, my goal is to explain the mysteries of the funding of K-12 Public Education, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) to as many citizen/voters as can be reached with the help of community leaders.

Unlike the Federal Government, Florida’s constitution requires a balanced budget. As in any budgeting process, funding decisions are, or should be, based on the level of priority of each program. The “fairness” of any budget depends on how well budget priorities match the will of the taxpayer. With over 90% of Florida’s revenues coming from sales and other taxes on consumers vs less than 5% from corporate income taxes, clearly the priorities of consumers should prevail.

The solution to funding shortages for essential children’s services lies in changing the priorities of the leadership of the state legislature in 2020. Our citizen/voters must be aroused to cast their votes for candidates who share their priorities.

My purpose is simply to provide the facts in an attempt to inspire more citizens to vote and more voters to go to the polls in November fully informed on these issues.