I am a retired bank Controller and CFO. I have two sons and four grandchildren living in the area and attending public schools. I have been a Big Brother for boys in both Ohio and Florida and am currently a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem.

I was born and raised in Sylvania Ohio (near Toledo), the third son of a lifelong first grade and kindergarten teacher. During the course of her career, my mother helped over 1,000 children off to a good start in life during their first year of school.

I was campaign manager during my son’s independent campaign for House District 64 (NW Hillsborough & NE Pinellas) in 2018. While researching local and state political issues, I was shocked to see the weak financial condition of Florida’s 67 county school districts, with the large and growing districts in the most precarious condition. It became my mission to convey that information to Florida citizens and voters.

I then asked myself (and am now asking Florida’s citizens) a question. What should the top two or three priorities be for our state government in their role of serving the citizens of Florida? I suspect that many, if not most, would rank the protection and education of our children at the top of the list. Top priorities deserve to be fully funded. That is what inspired me to prepare a document to educate citizens about the need for substantially more funding for K-12 Public Education, the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Juvenile Justice.